Specifying a Website

When you are going to build a house, you need to have plans to work from. When you are building a website, you should have a plan as well. This is business, and you need to be organized. If you

The New Mac Webmaster

So you want to learn to code. Well Neo, swallow the red pill and join me behind the scenes to see the code that makes up the matrix. Why should you bother? Could you get the same thing done by

Organise Anything

I’ve been playing with Trello for a few months now, and I think its one of my favourite new applications. Trello is designed to help you organize almost anything, and uses a simple intuative drag and drop interface. It falls

The Angular Way

If you are interested in web technologies, have a look at Angular.js. Its a very mature project by Google that provides hooks into plain old HTML to do some pretty interesting things. Aside from the one small issue that people

Cloudy with a chance of Apps

By now you must have heard several people including Microsoft talk about ‘Taking it to the cloud’, well for a non technical person, what does this really mean? ‘The Cloud’ is a concept being used to describe many different types

How to be a Ninja

Javascript is a very useful addition to the arsenal of a budding web developer. jQuery is a framework that makes this tool even more useful. The learning curve can be flattened significantly with the use of resources like the excellent

Welcome to the Dark Side

My seventy something year old Mom had her Windows based desktop die on her just before Christmas. She has  taken the plunge and is now using a Mac mini with wireless keyboard and trackpad, along with a brand spanking new

The size of their toys.

Two of my nephews are going to get iPads for Christmas this year. It struck me as interesting, that while iPads are still coveted items by many grown-up, others have no qualms about giving these tablet computing devices to kids