Two of my nephews are going to get iPads for Christmas this year. It struck me as interesting, that while iPads are still coveted items by many grown-up, others have no qualms about giving these tablet computing devices to kids that are only eight years old.

Its not that I think the parents are being overindulgent, its me wondering, how much time is the kid going to get to play with the device, vs how often the Adults will be vying for time with the almost seductive wireless internet-in-your-hand portal.

I also wonder if the parents realize that they are baptizing these young people into the cult of Apple, and how non-plussed they will be when they have to use a Windows based desktop computer. (Fair disclosure, I started in the software world writing business applications first for MS-DOS then MS-Windows based platforms, and now exclusively use a MacBook Pro for all my computing needs, and yes it does triple boot. Oh and I like Angry Birds too.)